Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feather Fringe Dress

Misha Barton is the leader of this trend.We have seen her with many feather dresses and now everyone has one.Kate Bosworth is wearing a Burberry dress but i am not so into that to be honest.Rihanna is rocking in her cute little feather detailed dress...and for Mary Kate Olsen..we not surprised that she would try this trend before any one did :)..but that dress scares me a bit!!! Some celebrities didn't go that far and just used feather as a detail like Sarah Michelle Gellar and i think it looks great on her..but again the best feather dress award goes to Rihanna..what do you think?
As usual i did some search and found a cute feather dress to share with you and you don't have to spend thousands to catch this trend with this Marciano Milana Feather Fringe Dress.

Fringe Bags

Fringe bags have been celebrities favourite since last year.They changed a bit since last year though..Fashionistas like me and you all definitely have to get one :) I really like long strap ones and the ones like Rachel Bilson has (anything looks good on her anyway :)Ashley Tisdale's fringe bag also so cute and bohemian...I love the purple color..It is JJ Winters Fringe Bag and available at Singer22.You can check it easily by clicking the link. also has this perfect Forever Fringe Bag least for me:)..would love to get this as a new year present:)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wierd Outfits from MTV Music Awards

This Year's MonTV Music Awards has seen a lot of bad taste dresses from celebrities..I am wondering if MTv made this on purpose and told everyone "just wear a dress you thought you would never wear in your lifetime"..Katty Perry was not shocked audiences with her wierd dress cos we know this is her style..but what about Knowles sisters...i dont know what they were thinking.