Friday, July 24, 2009

Sienna Miller's Interview with Nylon Magazine

On paparazzi assault: “I was doing a scene for this film, Hippie Hippie Shake [out later this year], where we all had to get naked and swim in this lake… And a photographer snuck onto the set and hid in a bush all night and got photos of me naked and put it on the cover of the News of the World. Me, full-frontal naked. I don’t want to be naked on the cover of a Sunday newspaper! I don’t! I don’t want people analyzing the shape of my muff!”

On choosing G.I. Joe over another indie project: “It’s really exciting to be in a film that people actually want to go and see! I was having to pay people to see my movies!... certain really great directors have wanted to do films with me, but unless you’ve had a film that’s opened with a certain amount of money, you’re not bankable to studios… if you want to make amazing, artistic films, you’ve got to have some sort of box office credibility, which I don’t have.”

On her recent mission to the Congo: “If I’d done it for publicity, I would have taken a photographer… I’m not just lending my name to it. We went to a war zone, we lived in camps. I would like to see those [detractors] doing the journey we did... I basically realized that I was so resentful for so long about the state of my celebrity, but I wanted to turn it around and do something good.”

On what you should say if you meet her when she moves to NYC: “I’ll be in a customs line and the guy will be like, ‘Hey, can’t wait for GI Joe!’ And I’ll be like, ‘Woo!’

Source:Nylon Magazine

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sienna Miller's Vogue Cover

Bar Rafaeli for Rampage

Outfit:Kim Kardashian -Floral Romper

Kim Kardashian normally prefers hig heels and more classic outfits but i loved this outfit..she is wearing a trendy floral is perfect for summer...and she finishes her look with a nice army kind of jacket and of course black gladiators..i did some search and found the perfect floral romper..Click on the link below picture if you wanna check it out
Floral Romper

Floral Romper

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Outfit:Lindsay Lohan

I saw Lindsay Lohan without a legging..yuppiee!!!..i really like this tank dress she is wearing but i am not sure if i would wear it other than beach..i found a similar T by Alexander Wang Black Tank Dress that i think you would love too.
T by Alexander Wang Black Tank Dress

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Miss Sixty Gladiator Sandal

I found new online shopping site called
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Outfit:Rachel Bilson

Hello everyone..i havent been posting a lot because when i decided to have a blog i was thinking a blog about trends that i like or not..but nowadays i dont see any specific trend i should post here..People looks like stuck in a trend and they keep wearing same things with this prints blah maybe from now on i should post immediately without waiting cos there is still people that i like what they of them is of course..Rachel matter what she wears she knows how to wear it..current season is summer in celebrities prefer a low profile with short, sundresses etc..This outfit Rachel Bilson is wearing looks so comfy when you having a light lıunch with your friends.Thats what she did anyway:)..the shorts she is wearing is very common you can find it almost anywhere you want...but she matched it with a boho-hippie style top and made it flawless..if you want a similar short you can click the here
...Lost - Heart Throb Shorts (Moonlight)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trend in Swimwear:White Bikini

Lindsay Lohan

Anna Faris

Alessandra Ambrosio

Sienna Miller

Celebrities enjoying the summer at the beach with their latest trend items..When i was looking at pictures..i realised most of them prefer white bikinis this summer..I know what you thinking..White bikinis are the hardest to wear..but if you choose the fabric thicker you will not have any suprise when you get out careful to pick two layer instead of one when you buy one..Lindsay Lohan always chooses bikinis from Vix and my favourite one is this white bikini you see on her..other than being white it is it very funly style..if you want this Vix Ripple Studded Tie Side Bikini you can get it from Singer22.comfor 168$.