Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Outfit:Rachel Bilson

Hello everyone..i havent been posting a lot because when i decided to have a blog i was thinking a blog about trends that i like or not..but nowadays i dont see any specific trend i should post here..People looks like stuck in a trend and they keep wearing same things with this prints blah blah..so maybe from now on i should post immediately without waiting cos there is still people that i like what they wear..one of them is of course..Rachel Bilson...no matter what she wears she knows how to wear it..current season is summer in U.S.A..so celebrities prefer a low profile with short, sundresses etc..This outfit Rachel Bilson is wearing looks so comfy when you having a light lıunch with your friends.Thats what she did anyway:)..the shorts she is wearing is very common you can find it almost anywhere you want...but she matched it with a boho-hippie style top and made it flawless..if you want a similar short you can click the here
...Lost - Heart Throb Shorts (Moonlight)

it is only 23$

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