Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Penelope Cruz For Harper’s Bazaar

On her idol, Meryl Streep: “When I first started watching movies and I saw Meryl’s work, that’s when I became obsessed with acting,” Penélope says. “Now I kiss her whenever I see her! She must think I’m crazy.” She recalls a magazine shoot they did together a few years ago for the AIDS charity (RED). “As soon as she got to the set, I had to sit topless on top of her. It was the most interesting love scene I’ve ever done.”

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Printed Jeans

Another trend of the spring. I can say this one is so far my favourite.There are so many celebrities following this trend, so many pictures to show you.I managed to find  Amanda Seyfried and Mandy Moore's exact J Brand Jean. You can find it at LUISAVIAROMA.COM.

Beyonce's Stella Mccartney Silk Trousers

Print trousers are very trendy among celebrities..I am amazed by the body of Beyonce after pregnancy by the way.She pulled this outfit very nice..the trouser is silk  from Stella Mccartney's collection.If you want to have it it is my pleasure to give you the link to get it :). These trousers are a must have for the upcoming summer.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Colorful Jeans

Hello everyone!! I know it has been years since my last post but i am finally here again and will contunie where i stopped.It was a bit crazy moving overseas and then right after having a baby and i really didnt have time to blog anymore.But it is time to go back what i like to do so here i am again..You will contunie getting news about what is hot in fashion abd be able to see celebrities fashion picks and as usual i will give you links to get the look..there so many trends right now but i wanted to start with my favourite one first..

Friday, April 23, 2010

Denim Jackets Out of the Closet Again

As you know this is nota new trend..Spring is here and weather is getting warmer everyday..so denim jacket is great choice when you got out to make sure you are not gonna be cold if it gets chilly.I most like the combination of denim jackets with floral mini dresses as we see here on Nicole Richie.Jessica Alba's denim jacket is a much cooler version though cause i love the the mix of biker jacket with it..Kate Moss is a bit brave for me..I am sure all of you know with that sharp shoulder it can only be Balmain.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Celebrities Wore for Coachella?

This year again celebrities were everywhere at Coachella Music Festival..The choices of outfits are always laid back,boho style as you know..but some of them really taking it too far..like Lindsay Lohan..I am sorry she looks trashy than Boho to me..Kate Bosworth is my favourite again this year..and last year was same..still remember those Chloe yellow sandals :)..but anyway this time her Topshop dress was right on the spot and second favourite of mine is Kate Hudson..not much there but i still like the skirt.Last word about Paris Hilton she had to put some bling on her..I don't understand why she goes this festival anymore..just so that they can take her pictures i guess.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrities Love J Brand “Houlihan” Skinny Cargo Pant

Wow this jean is like so contagious among celebrities..but not flattering for a every body type..especially for people who have wider hips..You gotta be skinny like Jessica Alba or Rachel Bilson to truly feel and look good in it..J Brand Skinny Cargo Pants are 230 $ at Singer22.com