Friday, March 30, 2012

Colorful Jeans

Hello everyone!! I know it has been years since my last post but i am finally here again and will contunie where i stopped.It was a bit crazy moving overseas and then right after having a baby and i really didnt have time to blog anymore.But it is time to go back what i like to do so here i am again..You will contunie getting news about what is hot in fashion abd be able to see celebrities fashion picks and as usual i will give you links to get the look..there so many trends right now but i wanted to start with my favourite one first..

Colorful jeans..Spring is here at least in most of the places and if you are tired of your usual denim jeans it is time to get a red jean..there are so many options but i think if you wanna contunie wearing the jean you bought next year red is the color you should go for.So let's start with some pics of celeb with their pick of colorful jeans.

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