Friday, July 24, 2009

Sienna Miller's Interview with Nylon Magazine

On paparazzi assault: “I was doing a scene for this film, Hippie Hippie Shake [out later this year], where we all had to get naked and swim in this lake… And a photographer snuck onto the set and hid in a bush all night and got photos of me naked and put it on the cover of the News of the World. Me, full-frontal naked. I don’t want to be naked on the cover of a Sunday newspaper! I don’t! I don’t want people analyzing the shape of my muff!”

On choosing G.I. Joe over another indie project: “It’s really exciting to be in a film that people actually want to go and see! I was having to pay people to see my movies!... certain really great directors have wanted to do films with me, but unless you’ve had a film that’s opened with a certain amount of money, you’re not bankable to studios… if you want to make amazing, artistic films, you’ve got to have some sort of box office credibility, which I don’t have.”

On her recent mission to the Congo: “If I’d done it for publicity, I would have taken a photographer… I’m not just lending my name to it. We went to a war zone, we lived in camps. I would like to see those [detractors] doing the journey we did... I basically realized that I was so resentful for so long about the state of my celebrity, but I wanted to turn it around and do something good.”

On what you should say if you meet her when she moves to NYC: “I’ll be in a customs line and the guy will be like, ‘Hey, can’t wait for GI Joe!’ And I’ll be like, ‘Woo!’

Source:Nylon Magazine


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