Thursday, January 22, 2009

Elliot Harley Vest

Kim Kardashian and Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen with Elliot Harley vest..This vest is a bit 80's style and i hate 80's outfits..Lots of designers trying 80's again i guess after Agyness Dyen but i would never try this style..leggings are as far as i can go:)..but anyway this vest looks really on these celebrities so start to find your old jean vest or invest in one
is selling the same Ellliot Harley vest if you are interested.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Nicky Hilton Outfit

Source: X17Online

Nicky Hilton got my admiration with these outfits..I adore that Matt Bernson Gladiator Sandal and those little silk dresses she has..just one word..flawless..Dresses would look better on her if she gained a bit weight though. has the exact Gypsy Emma Silk Short Tie Dye Tube Dress that had also been seen on Kate Hudson and Matt Bernson Gladiator Sandal(175 $).Amazon also has these Matt Bernson Gladiator Sandalfor a cheaper price(169 $)

Goyard Bags

Goyard Bags are very popular among celebrities.If you ask me I don't know why they are so popular and people are paying so much money on them.It has very classic and simple look and i like creativity maybe that's why i would never buy one.They are not easy to has few Goyard bags but 2 of them already sold out and the one left is so expensive to buy in my opinion but still you decide.

Lindsay Lohan for Fornarina

Lots of celebrities part with company ads and this time it is Lindsay Lohan.We all know Lindsay Lohan's style in real life and this pictures doesnt make any sense to me.Yes they still want to earn some money but i think it has to reflect their real life style too.This company is not for Lindsay Lohan and she is in it just for the money.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Penelope for Mango

Mango is one of my favourite shops and this year i really liked their folk collection and definitely will get one piece from the collection.Penelope Cruz looks really good in these pictures..perfect choice for the company.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jessica Alba Outfit

After her pregnancy Jessica Alba is on our radar again..She has a nice body whatever she wears it looks good on her..when Kate Holmes tried rolled up i really didnt like it too much but it looks ok on Jessica Alba..I like this casual is perfect on day that you need to be comfortable but at the same time stylish.And you want to have Jessica Alba 's look i have some recommend ations for you today.

1.Current Elliott 1957 Boyfriend Jean in Loved Destroyed

2.Lovequotes Scarves in Summer Brights

3. James Perse Causal Tee White

4.Lauren Moshi Chopper Long Sleeve Wrap in Grey

Sienna Miller: Not a Style Icon Anymore

Sienna Miller was my favourite for long time but something happened after Balthazar relationship to her..I dont see anything exciting on her anymore.These outfits also don't make me.I hope one day i will see her with a great outfit and admire to her again..for now just waiting...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Victoria Beckham for Armani

Kate Bosworth's Tank Cover

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marc Jacobs's Vintage Inspired Dresses

So Marc Jacobs's collection has a lot of dress that gives you the vintage feeling and i guess celebrities loved it..From Anna Hathaway to Beyonce they all been seen with his collection.My favourite is Beyonce's and Anna Hathaway's dress..they are same anyway just differemt prints,colors..but as i am a fan of blue and it is very trendy these days i would buy blue one.Rachel Zoe's might also be a nice one but with her figure i cant really decide..she def need to eat a lot to look normal again.

Balmain Dresses

These days celebrities prefer balmain dresses for every red carpet event..they are elegant and simple and they cant make any mistakes with these dresses i guess..for me some of them are very boring but but still looks nice and doesnt make you a fashion victim..but Kate Hudson's boho style dress and Gwyneth Paltrow's dress are absolutely fabolous.

One Color Bikinis

Holiday season is over and most of the celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Chloe Sevingy, Nicole Richie spend their time on several beaches and they have been seen wth one color bikinis..printed bikinis still very trendy but as i see one color bikinis especially red color is very trendy these days..and i guess we better get one red bikini to get ready for summer. 6pm has one color bottom and tops that you can mix and match.I found really one black ones and want to share with you here

Hurley - Deco Tie Side Bikini Bottom (Black) - Apparel

Hurley - Deco Tie Side Bikini Bottom (Black) - Apparel

Oakley - Tri Reversible Bikini Top 08 (Olive Camo) - Apparel

Oakley - Tri Reversible Bikini Top 08 (Olive Camo) - Apparel

Oakley - Reversible Halter Bow Tie Bikini (Olive Camo) - Apparel

Oakley - Reversible Halter Bow Tie Bikini (Olive Camo) - Apparel

Hurley - Deco Hipster Bikini Bottom (Black) - Apparel

Hurley - Deco Hipster Bikini Bottom (Black) - Apparel

Oakley - Ring Bandeau Bikini (Black) - Apparel

Oakley - Ring Bandeau Bikini (Black) - Apparel