Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cuff Bracelets

Chanel cuff Bracelets are very popular as always..Lots of celebrities from Nicole Richie to Hilary Duff wearing this beautiful cuffs from Chanel..i would prefer a colorful version of this trend like Hilary Duff i like her Chanel cuff bracelet.but i always have this question in my mind..is it cheesy to wear brand names like especially chanel..there are lots fake chanel stuff out there and when i see someone wearing one i always wonder if it is a real deal or not..i think you have to get really close to see the difference..what do you think?

by the way i checked some cuff bracelets for every budget..check them out!!

Vintage Buckle Cuff(238$)
Ramone Studded Slim Cuff(90$)

Yellow Vita Style Cuff Bracelet(36$)

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