Friday, June 19, 2009

2009 CFDA Fashion Awards

I never liked Michelle Tractenberg's style..she always wears clothes that makes her look older than she is..and taste at all.

Kirsten Dunst one of my favourites when it comes to fashion..Yes sometimes she does mistake but most of the time she is fabolous..and i really like this futuristic short dress..metalic colors look really great on her.

Heidi Klum shows her belly with this dress and i cant believe how good she looks...there is just a little belly going on there..i really wanna know what the secrets to stay that skinny during pregnancy if it is healthy of course.

Emmanuell Chriqu chose a regular dress..Red is not my color anyway..but the fabric the style of the dress just looks so old school for me.

Normally I prefer Ashley's style than her sister Mary Kate but this dress really looks awful.She looks like a nun and the color doesnt make it right.

And Here is my favourite dress of the event.Diane Kruger..i dont expect a bad dress from her..never..she really knows what she is doing and she has a great body to be able to wear these kind of short dresses..I loved it.

And Claire Danes..i am not a fan of her..She always manages to look good and sofisticated but thats all..her dress choices never make me go crazy..and i dont understand why people want to dress like they have boobs..You dont have anything to show anyway so what is the try?

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