Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leighton Meester's Red Balmain Boot

when Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth rocking red Chloe boot,Leighton Meester wandering around New York with her BALMAIN - SUEDE BUCKLE LOW BOOT.Red is very brave color for shoes because all attention goes to your feet.so you dont have work the rest of your body with too much accesories and outfit..Leighton just puts on a black jean and Philip Lim tank on her and she is ready :)

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moda capital said...

Las quiero!!! Leighton como siempre luce genial!
El otro día me vesti de negro y con zapatitos parecidos ( morados) y mi novio me dijo que no se veia bien! a mi me encantaba , pero... terminé haciedole caso y me cambie....