Monday, January 18, 2010

The Art of Elysium's Black Tie Gala

Jessica Alba looks so cute with her red dress.

Ashley Olsen 's dress is very dramatic.

Nicole Richie is too Bohomian for my taste.

Kirsten Dunst is simple and chick.I haven't seen her pictures for a while..this is the first one after a long time.

ALi Alter's dress is very boring for me.

Rachel Bilson did what she always does..She looks great again.

Kate Bosworth..ahhh her style is one of the best.The dress is very simple but looks great on her again.

Jessica Alba's outfit is a bit ruined her bec we can see her black bra under.

Linday Lohan's dress is ok but still not very impressed.

Almost all stars headed to Beverly Hills because of The Art of Elysium's Black Tie Charity Gala and here is the pictures of celebrities that posed with their beautiful dresses.By the way, The Art of Elysium is a nonprofit organization that encourages celebrities to volunteer for kids that have serious medical conditions.

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