Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keira Knightley for ELLE

Keira's thoughts on her character in The Misanthrope:

Jennifer’s kind of a crazy mix of being a complete bitch—confident and terrifying—yet she’s incredibly young and is probably being exploited way more than she actually realizes.”

On her acting ability being called into question:

Oh, they still say that! Every time I do an interview with the English press, one of their questions is, ‘How do you feel knowing that everyone thinks you’re a s--t actress?’ ”

On-set arguments during the making of her upcoming movie "Last Night":

When we were making it, the arguments on set were just amazing about whether mental infidelity is better or worse than physical infidelity. There was a huge gender divide on the question. Every single woman said that mental infidelity is 10 times worse than [an emotionless assignation]. And most men I spoke with said that it’s the physical act that would be the ultimate betrayal.”


Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Romany said...

I love Keira, she's unbelievably gorgeous. So mean of the british press to say she's a bad actress, personally I think she's quite good.
That's so interesting to hear the differing opinions on whether mental or physical infidelity is the deal-breaker...I guess I'd go with the women and say the mental/emotional would probably be worse.