Sunday, September 27, 2009

Balmain Shoes

Balmain is very trendy brand and celebrities love to have all the pieces they have from top to bottom..Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna are big Balmain shoes can see them almost every model of this brand's shoes.BALMAIN Ankle Fringe Flat (525 $)is my favourite cause i like comfort in day..Nowadays it is all about fringe and studded details..and these shoes give you what you looking for..BALMAIN Elastico Nero ($886.50) and BALMAIN Nero Gladiator Sandals($1,293.75) are other two favourite of Rihanna, Lindsay.This shoes are on sale now and FREE Shipping on Orders $150+ @!
BALMAIN Elastico Nero
BALMAIN Ankle Fringe Flat
BALMAIN Nero Gladiator Sandals


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