Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker Outfits from Sex and the City 2 Shoot

I started to watch Sex and the City series all over again and just saw the movie on tv the other day and i must say i really enjoyed it..i am sure most of the people were watching to show to see what would Carrie wear for the next episode and same for the movie..and it quiet amazing to see how her style has changed over the years and i like the sytle of Carrie in the movie most..i mean it is more elegant..or maybe series just too old as fashion comes and goes so fast..anyway i saw the pictures from the set of the new movie and my eyes catched Carrie's necklace..i am sure this four leaf clover will become style item very catched my eye at least and i am already thinking to get one...after all the wayfarer madness do you think aviators will get its place..i always loved aviators..they will never be out of good investment for me..especially gold ones..

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