Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flare Jeans

hollywood fashion junkies like lindsay lohan,paris hilton,nicole richie,victoria beckham and lots of other celebrities we can't count right now have been seen with their flare jeans.they look comfortable,they are fresh(if you are tired of skinny jeans)and they remind us 70's like all other trends lately.If you have short figure,you can wear these jeans with a high heel but never show your shoes..they look better if you keep the jean long enough to cover the shoes you wearing..It is unbeliavable how they make your legs longer and skinnier..PERFECT!!!My favourite piece is J brand Flare Jean as wee seen on Lindsay and Paris.Diesel Louvely Flare Jeans in The Oxygen Rinsed also another option for you who likes darker color.If you want the legs a bit wider then check out Seven For All Mankind Super Flare Jeans in Ibiza


Anonymous said...

I have to admitt, skinny jeans are great and all but I am getting really tired of them! Notice how absolutely everyone seems to wear them?
Well I think I am going to start wearing flared jeans more often. I love the look.


Romany said...

Yay for flared jeans! I never stopped wearing them (they're much more flattering to my figure). I never thought we'd be seeing Lindsay Lohan wearing flares...

Ann said...

Oooh I love flares! I have worn all my flared jeans to complete destruction, very excited that I can find some new ones now. Funnily enough my favourite pair was from Topshop. After reading this post I am off to Oxford Street on Saturday to try them on. Will let you know.