Thursday, April 3, 2008

Grey Jean

Personally i am obsessed with my grey jean..i just dont want to wear anything else for a long time..Lots of celebrities are also obessed like Kate Moss,in most of the pictures you can see her with a grey jean..Grey was the color of the winter..but it seeems it is gonna go away for long time..even if you want to show some color in these nice spring days you can always mix you grey jean with spring color tops..thats what i will do at least.

My obbession is Acne Jeans Hex Skinny Jeans in Filter and wearing it all the time...if you want to have one click on the name.

This Good Society Slim Leg Jeans in Alvin is my other favourite..i would love to have one.

If you looking for a lighter color and more affordible one Cheap Monday Tight 32" Skinny Jeans in Overdye Grey will be the perfect for one for you!!

1 comment:

Romany said...

Ooh I love grey jeans too! Although I doubt I could ever wear them. lighter colours like that tend to be unflattering to my body shape.
Ugh - Mischa Barton really doesn't look as good as she used to, these days, unfortunately.