Thursday, April 3, 2008


I think the first celebrity came into our minds is Kate Moss when we think about vests.She as always started this super sexy but at the same time anti-feminen trend long time ago and still in use..Other celebrities didnt waste any time and they followed her footsteps..I havent seen Sienna Miller wearing a vest before..I think she finally couldnt resist and got one for herself even though she knew fashionistas would be gossiping more about how she steals Kate Moss's style :)..Lindsay Lohan and Nicky Hilton also tried this trend..Nicky Hilton seems enjoying it a lot that we started to see her wearing a vest most of the time.The best way to wear a vest if you ask me is with a white old looking t-shirt.

So here is my suggestions this trend;

1.Triple 5 Soul The Breakwater Vest - $50
2.Rag & Bone Casino Waistcoat - $225 (if you looking for a real designer deal)
3.Mason Reversible Vest - $275
4.Karen Zambos Tweed Button Vest Ivory - $209

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