Sunday, April 20, 2008


like every other bright colors red will be on everything we wear this spring/ always been a good choice for a night dress or a shoe..but this time we will bring the red to our daily can be a sunglasses...a simple top..a jacket..or just socks..Anna Hathaway's trenchcoat and Rachel Bilson's coat are very sweet stylish choices..i also love short red dresses that we can wear both at night and Reese Witherspoon has on..the dress paris hilton wearing is also a very good choice for both time of day..if you want the same Voom by Joy Han Vintage Red Bird Babydoll Dress just CLICK HERE

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Anonymous said...

Red is a great color. But Im not sure if it is just my computer's color but Rachel Bilsons coat looks more ornage then red.
I love the vintage red bird babydoll dress but the birds are in the wrong place for my liking!
i really love the red tights look too and reese witherspoon's dress!